boxlight inc

We located Matthew Meyer via an internet search over 5 years ago in preparation for a very large industry tradeshow located in Las Vegas. As we typically send 12-16 employees from around the world and rent a very large home to accommodate all our employees in addition to inviting a large amount of customers who fly in from around the world. Our idea was to hire an in-house/on-site chef to prepare and serve three meals a day. Paying for employees to eat meals on site in convention centers is very cost prohibitive and the daily per diem adds up very quickly with this quantity of people to feed. In addition, we wanted to be able to invite our customers to our ‘home’ each evening to entertain and feed them. I was very nervous to hire a chef (site unseen) to be on-site with us. Would the chef be professional, presentable, and above all, be able to prepare meals that were delicious? Matthew was immediately impressive. He is passionate about the quality and presentation of his food and is extremely diverse with his ability to prepare a variety of food types. He is very communicative, sensitive to budget and time constraints and wants the customer to be happy with everything to taste, presentation, and professionalism. Matthew made such an impression on us and our employees that we have used him exclusively over the past 5 years for every tradeshow and event. Our locations have varied from Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, San Antonio, and others. Matthew flies to our location, researches local grocery stores and food suppliers, prepares and serves three meals a day (even preparing quick snacks for those who need something out of schedule) and cleans up after each meal so he can begin again.

  • We like Matthew so much that we have given him the title of ‘Corporate Chef’.
  • His food is creative, delicious, and he is passionate about taste and presentation.
  • I would recommend Matthew to anyone looking for great food and professionalism at a reasonable rate.

Sunshine Nance
Director Global Marketing & Communications