Whether it's just a simple lunch with clients or a huge corporate party to celebrate a product launch, the right Las Vegas catering company will make a big difference. The food and drink served will be something many will remember long past the party itself. If you wow your guests with great food, great bar service and excellent catering, it will all reflect well on your company's reputation.

When it's time to throw a birthday party, it's time to hire the right Las Vegas catering company. If you're in charge of planning the entire event, then you’ll find out that it can get overwhelming in a hurry. One way to make your life easier is to hire the right catering company to handle all of the food, so you'll have one less thing to deal with.


Your big day is fast approaching and you need the right cake for the day. Unless you already know everything about weeding cakes, you need the right tips to ensure you select the best wedding cake in Las Vegas for your big day.


Your wedding reception isn't the only event surrounding your wedding. There are several other parties, meals and events to make this time in your life very special. One of those events is the bachelorette party.

Inviting friends and family over for a dinner party provides a great opportunity to socialize, show off your home and just have fun. You don't have to become a stressed out host throughout this process, however. There are ways to prepare and enjoy your guests without the normal stresses many feel when hosting a dinner party.

Are you planning a private event in Summerlin, NV? Do you want to make a lasting impression on your guests? Hiring Matteo's Gourmet Food Services may be the answer.

Whether you're planning a large corporate event or a small private dinner party, hiring a caterer gives you plenty of benefits. You'll save time, gain access to professionally cooked food and have one less thing to worry about.

As you start planning your Las Vegas wedding, you'll quickly realize how important it is to choose the right food. Catering is often one of the largest investments for a wedding, and for good reason. Sitting down to a meal with the most important people in your life will make your big day special.

It’s 5pm and you’re asking yourself, What’s for dinner?

Why not turn dinner on its head and serve up some typical morning fare in the evening?

Ah. The classic cheese platter. It’s been around a long time and still fills the bill whether you’re hosting a party or attending a casual get-together. Cheese plates are quick and easy to throw together, they’re perfect for nibbling on, and they pair perfectly with wine. How much better does it get?

We sure do love our frozen desserts in the summer. Americans slurp down about 1.5 billion gallons of the sweet treats each year. Our yummy indulgences are basically made up of a liquid — usually either milk or water— plus air for texture and consistency. The different combinations and ratios result in a refreshing treat for every mood and taste.

It’s summertime! That means it’s time to plan some fun family picnics, baseball game tailgates or waterside barbecues. But picnics can turn sour real fast if the food goes bad. When it comes to picnics, food safety is everything. And food safety is all about hot and cold.

Do you know which is the most expensive spice in the world?

Appetizers. Hors d’oeuvres. Finger foods.

Whatever term you use, these tasty tidbits do much more than just tide guests over until dinner. In fact, the word hors d’oeuvres means “outside the main meal” – they set the stage for the meal that is to follow. They’re versatile enough to awaken and enhance the appetite as a refreshing first course, yet with enough variety and quantity, they can also deliver total party sustenance all on their own. Serving a selection of these enticing bites is a sure-fire way to create a fun, festive atmosphere.

Everybody feels underappreciated from time to time.

We happen to believe that there are also a few ingredients that are overlooked and underrated yet deserve a big Thank You for bringing pop to the mundane, brightness to the ordinary, and a little foreground to the background of our gourmet meals.

Our patrons tell us that they love it when we combine flavors they know well with others that they’re less familiar with. They have an undeniable curiosity and want to push the boundaries of their gastronomic experience to get the delightful, blissful surprise of mingling and merging new taste sensations.

Ever wonder what is the big deal about pairing wines with food?

The simple answer is that the flavors, aromas and textures of one complement and contrast with the other to bring out their (hopefully) best characteristics. Take an exceptional gourmet meal, add the right wine, and the flavors will launch you into the stratosphere of delight!

Did you know there’s a difference between chef-owned catering services and catering services provided by, well, caterers?

There is!

There’s nothing like it. Exquisite expressions of delicious food can say ‘I Love You’ without your having to utter a word. Even in their travels from taste buds to stomach, morsels of beautifully blended flavors say hello to the heart. Good food and love just go hand in hand.

There are several ways to deliver delicious meals to your guests, the most popular being table service, family style, and buffet. Which is best?

I’m sure you’ve been there. Enjoying the company of friends at a party, feeling the spirit of the occasion, having a good time. And then the food comes out and it’s a disaster. It brings the whole experience down a few notches, doesn't it? Why is that? Why does food play such an important role in our events, celebrations and gatherings of friends, family and colleagues? And why is great food so important to the success of any occasion?